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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Cash - Closing Status 8 Mar

Singapore Shipping Corpn (Sp Ship) is likely to announce a dividend rate of $0.01 (same as last year) in its full year results around 22 May'13 and based on past dividends, it will XD in early Aug 2013.  For my holding in Sp Ship 10 lots, l can expect a dividend amount of $100 (10 lots x dividend rate $0.01).  I have divested all of Sp Ship 10 lots under Cash portfolio in this week for a profit of $38; collecting a partial advance dividends.  I am hoping to re-invest into Sp Ship at lower share price level. 

Just realized that Duty Free pays a very small dividend rate of $0.0025 when it announced 4Q2012 results last year.  Based on my 2 lots holding of Duty Free, the expected dividend amount will be $5 ($0.0025 x 2 lots).  So this week l have decided to collect an advance dividend from Duty Free when l sold it away for a gain of $25 or a dividend yield of 2.9% based on my invested funds in it.  l am hoping to re-invest into Duty Free when its share price is at a lower level as its current annual dividend yield is at 5.1%.

Invested into Tat Hong 1 lot this week under Cash portfolio.  Its 9M2013 is quite good though its biggest revenue segment on Distribution came in softer at -7% in 3Q2013 comparing to last year.  For 9M2013, revenue +18.5%, profit +66.6%.  For its full year financial l am expecting it to keep to its double digit growth rate on revenue and profit.  On an ongoing basis into next financial year, the only revenue segment to eyeballing for potential de-growth is on Distribution as revenue from Australia can be expected to slowing down further.  Its annual dividend is only at 2.0% so Tat Hong is a growth stock.  

I have added GRP 1 lot in this week under Cash portfolio so l have 11 lots of total holding of it now. 

CM Pacific reported full year financial of revenue +110% and profit +105%.  This is an impressive set of results but its share price comes under selling pressure in this week as l suspect investors are expecting a special dividend or a higher final dividend rate.  l have invested into CM Pacific 4 lots this week under Cash portfolio.  Its annual dividend rate of 6.1% is quite attractive indeed  A good stock to invest for passive income stream if bear market decides to pay a visit, in the coming weeks or months.

l have invested into Perennial  China Retail Trust 1 lot under Cash portfolio this week.  Will accumulate Perennial if its share price weakens as revenue (and profit) will continue to gushing in for year 2013.

Portfolio walk since previous posting :-

+$1,024 Total Returns as of 1 Mar

+$63 Gain on sales of Duty Free and Singapore Shipping Corpn

-$103 Unrealised positions worsened

+$984 Total Returns as of 8 Mar

previous posting :-  Cash - Closing Status 1 Mar

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