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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Cash - Closing Status 10 May

I have increased my holding of Telechoice 2 lots for my Cash portfolio this week so l have 4 lots of it now. 

In my posting on 26 April l have indicated my intent to sell off SGX 1 lot at break even and this was achieved in this week.  Hope to re-invest into SGX at lower share price level.

Also in this week l have decided to divest my positions in the following :-

No. of shares : 5 lots; Date of investment : 3-May-13; Nett profit : $13
Remarks :- Divestment was after its XD date so l will be paid on its dividend of $100 (5 lots x dividend rate $0.02) on 29 May.   To re-invest into UMS at lower share price level.

No. of shares : 11 lots; Date of investment : 1-Mar-13; Nett profit : $47
Remarks : Halved CDW holding in order to lock-in profit.  Nett profit was 50% lesser than the expected dividend which will go XD on 20 May.  Nobody can predict where is the share market heading to so it is better to get back some returns whereby the nett profit of 2.9% (over investment costs) is already better than bank deposit rate.

2nd Chance
No.of shares : 23 lots; Date of investment : 3-Apr-13; Nett profit : $180
Remarks : Announced in this week that Director bought its shares in open market.  I took this opportunity to offload my entire holding in 2nd Chance.  Based on my investment costs in it, nett profit is at 1.9%  which is better than bank deposit rate.

K1 Ventures
No. of shares : 5 lots; Date of investment : 3-May-13; Nett profit : $21
Remarks : Investment costs for 5 lots is less than $1k.  And nett profit is at 2.6% which better than bank deposit rate.

Portfolio walk since previous posting :-

+$1,651 Total Returns as of 3 May

+$261 Gain on sales of SGX, UMS, CDW, 2nd Chance, K1 Venture

+$544 Unrealised positions improved

+$2,457 Total Returns as of 10 May

Previous posting :-  Cash - Closing Status 3 May

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