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Monday, 6 May 2013

Cash - Closing Status 3 May

For my Cash portfolio this week l have added UMS 5 lots so my total holding of it now is at 17 lots.  UMS will go XD on 7 May and l hope its share price will not weakens too much after that.  Given its consistent and predictable dividends l certainly think that any pullback on its share price would present a good opportunity to invest in it.  The only concern l have is that UMS is too reliant on its major customer for orders so there is serious consequence should anything bad happen to this major customer. Probably l am such a scaredly-cat as in its recent annual report it said :- " ... our major customer had also indicated that 2013 will be a better year as major investment programs by foundries will likely be announced and performed on the back of increasing demand for personal mobile products such as tablets and smart phones. ..."

I have invested into Telechoice 2 lots this week under Cash portfolio.  Invested amount is very minimal of less than $0.5k and using its recent annual dividend paid then this represents a potential dividend yield of 6.8%.  Its share price movement can be relatively boring (52 weeks high $0.26, 52 weeks low $0.205) but it provides a safe sense of stability when comparing to huge and wild roller coaster type of share price movement in other telecommunication stocks.

Each time Suntec Reit share price drop as in recent past months its share price  never fails to resume climbing upward steadily after that.  This can only mean that there are many investors wanting to own a piece of it and such opportunity comes when there is a pullback in its share price.  In this week under Cash portfolio l have invested into Suntec Reit for 4 lots which perhaps a little excessive so l might reduce it to just 1 lot soon.  Its current asset enhancement works will see its revenue to be lower in its next quarter's financials but more importantly is that its office occupancy rate holding quite well despite Singapore's choppy economic recovery and outlook.

Invested into K1 Ventures 5 lots this week under Cash portfolio.  K1 is into a wide range of investments across diverse industry sectors - 50% in transportation leasing and 50% in Investments (mainly Education, Oil and Gas exploration, Financial Services, Automative Retail, Diversified funds).  There are many well known brand names under Education such as Busy Bees, Learning Vision, Learning Horizon, Pat's School House, The Children's House, Canadian International School of Singapore, Brighton Montessori, K12 Inc.  In its recently published annual report it said :- ".... It was concluded that shareholders were best served by not seeking additional capital and instead focus on the management of the current investment portfolio with the view to maximise shareholder value, and to distribute excess cash as investments are monetised. ....".  There are many powerful names in its board of directors namely Choo Chiau Beng (from Keppel Group), Lee Suan Yew (from Haw Par Group), Teo Soon Hoe (from Keppel Group), Yong Pung How (former Chief Justice of Singapore), Neo Boon Siong (from OCBC, Keppel T&T). At annual dividend rate of $0.015 (interim dividend $0.01 + assumed final dividend $0.005) then l can expect annual dividend yield of 9.3% based on my investment costs for 5 lots.  Will continue to slowly increasing my investment into K1 if its share price weakens.

Portfolio walk since previous posting :-

+$1,942 Total Returns as of 26 Apr

-$291 Unrealised positions worsened

+$1,651 Total Returns as of 3 May

Previous posting :-  Cash - Closing Status 26 Apr

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