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Monday, 20 May 2013

Cash - Closing Status 17 May

Received a cheque of $160 from SembCorp Marine in this week.  Even though l am still stuck with this investment but at least its dividend yield is still better than bank deposit rate.

Decided to invest into CDL Hospitality Trusts 1 lot in this week under Cash portfolio.  As the share market is still in consolidating phase so l have sold it off in the same week for a better than bank deposit rate returns of 1.6%.  If l am ever stuck with my investment in it l will have no regrets as l will consider it a good problem to have due to its reasonably good dividend yield of around 5.5%.  Will look for re-investment opportunity in it.  

Cordlife has been in my radar due to its good results at half time and sure enough the same superb results was repeated for Qtr 3 which as was announced in this week.  But l still think its share price has gone up too high so l have only invested for 1 lot in it.  Even though Qtr 3 was a good set of results but investors still dumped its share on the next day (14 May) and l can safely guess it as due to its failure to declare any dividend at all when comparing to last year's dividend rate of $0.020.  Anyway, it was just a one day sell off of its share as it recovered quickly and to a much higher share price level now.  On Friday it made an after market announcement on  acquisition of cord blood and cord tissue banking businesses and assets in India, the Philippines, Hong Kong and Indonesia and l expect its share price is likely to shoot through the roof on Monday.  However and most unfortunately l have sold it away much earlier in the same week for a much smaller 2.7% profit.

Invested into Tai Sin Electric  2 lots in this week under Cash portfolio.  Its share price dropped by 4.9% on Monday as investors viewed its 9M2013 results announced on last Friday evening negatively.  But its share price was quite well supported from Tuesday onwards.  Investors probably quite concern with its Qtr 3 results as its gross profit margin was at 15.3% when comparing to last year's 19.2%.  But one quarter's bad performance would not mean of the same outcome in Qtr 4.

CM Pacific share price did not drop much after it went XD last week.  And investors stayed almost stayed neutral to its announcement this week that its deal to acquire Jiurui expressway deal in exchange for its New Zealand property business is now called off.  I took the opportunity of this stable condition by investing a very small amount in it for 1 lot.

Despite a bad Qtr 1 results for Telechoice, it is expecting Qtr 2 to be better than previous year and overall full year will be satisfactory.  So this week l have increased my investment in Telechoice by another 16 lots under Cash portfolio. 

Made a small additional investment in Duty Free of 1 lot under Cash portfolio in this week.

Invested into Ascendas India Trusts 1 lot in this week.  It quoted a slightly positive market research report by India based Jones Lang LaSalle so l was quite comforted by this.  But over the weekend l was unhappy to hear that India faces at least "a one-in-three" chance of losing its prized sovereign grade rating by global ratings agency Standard & Poor.  Luckily my investment is small so fingers crossed.

Portfolio walk since previous posting :-

+$2,457 Total Returns as of 10 May

+$51 Gain on sales of CDL HTrust, Cordlife

+$160 Dividends from SembCorp Marine

+$578 Unrealised positions improved

+$3,246 Total Returns as of 17 May

Previous posting :-  Cash - Closing Status 10 May

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