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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Cash - Closing Status 28 June

For my Cash portfolio this week l have added CM Pacific 2 lots bringing my total holding in it at 3 lots now.  No new development so far at CM Pacific so l can expect its share price will be in the range of $0.87 - $0.91 till its next financial results in early August month.  Its next interim dividend will usually be announced during half time financial results announcement.  Will consider to accumulate more of CM Pacific if its share price weakens further.

Invested into Ascendas India Trust 1 lot in order to average down.  With this, my total holding in it now at 2 lots.  Will re-invest more of it only when its share price weakens by say, another 10% (which is quite unlikely though).  Office rental in India is likely to stay lacklustre unless the INR currency (and India economy) recover from current weak status.

Continue to increase my holding in Kingsmen Creatives 1 lot so, now l have total of 3 lots.  Will add more of it if its share price weakens again, at lower price levels.

Duty Free reported its qtr 1 results in this week.  Revenue +1% driven by pricing imprpovement and sales mix.  Profit +MYR 113mil mainly from its discontinued operation.  Dividends $0.025 (interim dividend $0.01 + special interim dividend $0.015) was declared which will XD on 10 July.  In this week l have increased my holding in Duty Free 1 lot so my total holding in it now at 7 lots.

Divested UMS 4 lots which l have invested two weeks ago at nett gain of $40.  UMS will XD 9 July and dividend rate is at $0.01.  I have collected its dividend in advance with its divestment in this week 4 lots x dividend rate $0.01 = $40 as dividend payment is scheduled as 26 July.  In the same week, l have re-invested into UMS 3 lots.

Portfolio walk since previous posting :-

+$673 Total Returns as of 21 June

+$40 Gain on sales of UMS

+$656 Unrealised positions improved

+$1,368 Total Returns as of 28 June

Previous posting :-Cash - Closing Status 21 June

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