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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Cash - Closing Status 7 June

This week for my Cash portfolio l have invested into Kingsmen Creatives 1 lot.  Its revenue for 1str quarter results was lower than in 2012 but its gross profit margin at 30.7% was above 2012 full year (25%) and 1Q2012 (27.2%) so it is playing its sales mix well here which contributed positively to its profit.  Profit was also higher because of dividend income from other investment income in 1Q2013; not sure whether this is a one-time item?   Its associated companies also contributed positively to its profit.

Invested into Keppel Reit 1 lot in this week under Cash portfolio.  Its 1Q2013 results was okay.  It recently increased its exposure into Australia so l am not really sure whether that country's almost shaky economy condition would worsen further which could impact Keppel Reit's results.   So, l am not likely to increase my investment in it beyond 1 lot.

Got myself Cache Logistics 1 lot in this week.  Good results for 1Q2013.  No logistics warehouse (properties) renewal risk in 2013 as all expiring leases have been renewed. Will increase my investment in it should its share price weakens much further.

The final Reit counter l have invested under Cash portfolio in this week was Ascott Reit 1 lot.  Nothing particularly special of Ascott Reit as l am just eyeing for a dividend yield which is higher than bank interest rate just in case its share price going lower further and l am stuck with it.

I took up a small position in UMS 2 lots in this week.  Amazingly it still able to withstand current  stock market rout as its share price did not move down like every other "active" counters.  So, l will continue to collect more of it in the coming days and weeks.  UMS has one of the highest dividend yield around at the moment of around 10%!  Probably it is still a good problem to have when one day its share price ever giving way and l am stuck with it.

I did partial divestment on SingPost 10 lots at different price levels which was bought in the previous week for a nett gain of $207.  As its share price was pressured down again subsequently so l have re-invested 9 lots in it at different share price levels.   So my total holding of SingPost at 14 lots now.  At the moment SingPost is having CD status so selling pressure on it will slowly die down.  

Portfolio walk since previous posting :-

+$2,656 Total Returns as of 31 May

+$207 Gain on sales of SingPost

-$702 Unrealised positions worsened

+$2,160 Total Returns as of 7 June

Previous posting :-Cash - Closing Status 31 May

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