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Saturday, 8 June 2013

CPF - Closing Status 7 June

Received CPF investment statement from the bank this week.  In it there were several dividends received in the month of May :- SPH $11, SembCorp Industries $300, SembCorp Marine $160, Capitaland $280.  I am stuck with my investment in these companies as their share price levels are now much lower.  CPF interest rate remains at 2.5% so ideally the dividend yield in these companies should be higher.  Using expected annual dividend rate against my investment costs in them so the expected dividend yield will be at :- SPH 3.6%, SembCorp Industries 2.9%, Capitaland 1.7%, SembCorp Marine 2.2%.  So, SPH and SembCorp Industries are good problem to have but not on Capitaland and SembCorp Marine.    Banks charges certain costs (quarterly bank charges, $2.50 per l lot of share, and other smaller charges) under the CPF investment scheme so investments using CPF funds will be quite expensive.  Investing into companies not paying dividends or paying very little dividends using CPF funds is a very unwise move especially when getting stuck with the investments due to lowered share price levels.  Back to my CPF portfolio, current pot is much better than the ones in the earlier months and years.  Reason for the realized negative returns so far was because of divestments of certain incorrect investments which were quite speculative back then.  Waiting for share prices to go back up again so that l can make further changes to current pot.  

Portfolio walk since previous posting :-

-$7,831 Total Returns as of 31 May 

+$751 Dividends from SembCorp Marine, SembCorp Industries, SPH and Capitaland

-$711 Unrealised positions worsened

-$7,792 Total Returns as of 7 June

previous journal :- CPF - Closing Status 31 May

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