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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Cash - Closing Status 5 July

Divested UMS 3 lots which l have invested into it one week ago at nett gain of $67.  UMS will XD 9 July and dividend rate is at $0.01.  I have collected its dividend in advance and at 2.2 times more with its divestment in this week 3 lots x dividend rate $0.01 x 2.2 times = $67 as dividend payment is scheduled as 26 July.

Have decided to divest  Ascendas India Trust 1 lot in this week after only one week of investment into it at nett gain of $16 or 2.3% returns.  Reason for doing so is simple and it was because at 2.3% yield within such a short investment time so it beats the usual low bank deposit rate.  Furthermore the nett gain $16 is worth 4.5 train trips to and fro home and work place.  Or l can use this to save it for my next Donation (2013 to-date at $200).  Anyway, will re-invest into Ascendas India Trust at lower share price levels.

Could not resist divesting away Kingsmen Creatives 3 lots in this week under Cash portfolio for a nett gain of $126.  Nothing wrong with Kingsmen Creatives really but why not collecting its dividends in advance when it's already available. Unless l am stuck with a reasonably good dividend stock at an unrealised position then l will not hesitate to take profit off the table however small the amount.  I do not the luxury of large amount of funds for passive investment over a few years period.  I subscribe to the idea of making the money working much harder with a few rounds of investments and divestments.  However l do not subscribe to the idea of cutting loss in my stock investments unless it is a serious and incorrect bad investments (which happened no more than 5 times in about 2 years of serious shares investments).  Paper losses are investment noises as the stocks l am stuck in are still giving out reasonably good dividends so l okay with it.  Cutting losses is more for traders so it can really waste much of already limited available investment funds.  Back to the divestment of Kingsmen Creatives in this week, the $126 nett gain is 2.8 times its next dividend rate $0.015, if maintained the same for this year; 3 lots x dividend rate $0.015 x 2.8 times = $126.  And l have already collected it in advance now rather then waiting for XD 4 Sept and its payment 24 Sept.  Will re-invest into Kingsmen Creatives at lower or reasonably good share price levels.

Duty Free has declared dividends rate of $0.025 (interim dividend $0.01 + special interim dividend $0.015) which will XD on 10 July.  In this week l have divested Duty Free 7 lots at nett gain of $71 and is only equivalent to its interim dividend amount --> 7 lots x dividend rate $0.01 = $70.   l am hoping for better luck next time.  

Looking forward to receive dividends from SingPost when it is paid on 15 July of which l have 15 lots in it.  In this week l have sold SingPost 1 lot at nett gain $28 so in a way l have collected its next dividend in advance which will next XD around 14 Aug and hoping that it is still at same dividend rate $0.0125.  The nett gain $28 is 2.3 times its next dividend payment amount; 1 lot x dividend rate $0.0125 x 2.3 times = $28.   I am stuck with my investment in SingPost with paper loss status on the remaining 14 lots but l am okay with it as it can be considered a good problem to have. 

Portfolio walk since previous posting :-

+$1,368 Total Returns as of 28 June

+$309 Gain on sales of UMS, Duty Free, Ascendas India Trust, Kingsmen Creatives, SingPost

-$16 Unrealised positions worsened

+$1,661 Total Returns as of 5 July

Previous posting :-Cash - Closing Status 28 June

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