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Sunday, 14 July 2013

CPF - Closing Status 12 July

Invested into Cache Logistics Trust 8 lots in this week under CPF portfolio.  But l have divested it all away within the same week.  Based on estimated costs for using CPF Investment funds then the nett profit is around $131 or 1.3% returns based on my investment costs in it.  Will re-update if the CPF Investment statement at the end of the month is showing different charges incurred.   

And assuming that its next dividend rate same as last year's rate at $0.01981 then the nett profit of $131 is 82% of the full dividend ---> 8 lots x dividend rate $0.01981 x 82% = $131.  Quite a good outcome as this is as good as collecting its dividends in advance (probably same XD date 31 July and payment date 29 Aug) and considering that the investment duration is less than one week.  

Portfolio walk since previous posting :-

-$8,363 Total Returns as of 30 June

+$131 Gain on sales of Cache Logistics

+$1,299 Unrealised positions improved

-$6,933 Total Returns as of 12 July

previous journal :- CPF - Closing Status 30 June

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