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Sunday, 14 July 2013

SRS - Closing status 12 July

Added  Mapletree Commercial Trust 1 lot in this week under SRS portfolio so, l have total of 2 lots of it now.  Just in case l am stuck with my investment in it then l can still expect an annual dividend yield 5.8%.  Distributable income is likely sustainable at 2012 rate or even higher with the completion of Mapletree Anson acquisition in early Feb'13.

Invested into Tat Hong 2 lots.  Its near term outlook is quite risky due to weakness in AUD currency where it has significant business there.  Its share price has been correcting since 22 May till now so further downside from current point seems quite limited.  Its next XD date is 5 Aug and just in case l am stuck with it beyond this XD date then l can expect annual dividend yield of 3.3% for calendar year 2013.  Annual dividend yield 3.3% is still reasonably okay especially when comparing against bank fixed deposit rate for investment amount of $2.4k.

When l have invested into Sin Heng Heavy Machinery 15 lots in this week l have overlooked the fact that it is currently going through Rights Issue which will ex-Rights on 18 July.  I have never like the idea of subscribing to Rights Issue due to expensive costs involved when divesting away odd lots.  Hoping to divest away Sin Heng before it goes ex-Rights.  Its nine-months results on both revenue and profit are really good and it has cash generating status on operating activities.  l will definitely re-invest into Sin Heng if l "survived" whilst divesting it away next week.  If l am stuck with it then based on my investment costs in it l can expect an annual dividend yield of 3.8%.
Divested Frasers Centrepoint Trust  (FrasersCT)  2 lots in this week under SRS portfolio, again.  Investment duration was only within one week for a nett gain of $42 or 1.1% returns which is better than bank rate for savings account.   Its next dividend likely to XD 31 July and assuming a dividend rate $0.026 same as last year then the nett gain of $42 is 80% of the full dividend amount ---> 2 lots x dividend rate $0.026 x 80% = $42.  I am still okay with it as the investment duration is short.  Will re-invest into FrasersCT when its share price weakens again.

Invested into Suntec Reit 1 lot in this week under SRS portfolio.  But l have divested it away within the same week for a nett gain of $24.   Assuming that its next dividend is having same XD date as last year 26 July and also same dividend rate $0.02361 then l can expect dividend amount of $24 = 1 lot x dividend rate $0.02361.  So, l have actually collected its dividend in advance in this week rather then waiting for its payment date on 27 Aug (assuming same as last year).

Finally, l have invested into SingPost 10 lots in this week.  Looking forward to its usual next dividend which will XD on 14 Aug at dividend rate of $0.0125 if it is maintained the same as previous years.

Portfolio walk since previous posting :-

+$7,544 Total Returns as of 5 July

+$65 Gain on sales of Suntec Reit, Frasers Centrepoint Trust

+$86 Unrealised positions improved

+$7,695 Total Returns as of 12 July

previous posting :- SRS - Closing status 5 July

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