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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Cash - Closing Status 13 September

Added Sabana Reit 2 lots right after it announced a successful private placement in this week.  So my total holding in it now at 3 lots under my Cash portfolio.  An advance distribution of $0.022 was declared which is expiring on 19 Sept.  Depending on how its share price perform next week,  l will probably do a partial divestment for a nett profit better than bank savings rate (of say, 0.8%) hopefully before its XD date; otherwise l will have to keep it for 8.5% dividend yield per year.

Sold away Rickmers Maritime 18 lots in this week for $64 nett profit or 1.3% returns after three weeks of holding in it.  My original exit selling price was for another $0.05 and l have been in the sell queue for almost three weeks doing so.  Finally, l have decided to settle for an easier exit selling price and immediately since then l have been in the buy queue for one week now for a re-investment. 

With first dividend payment only to happen around March 2014, l have sold away OUE HTrust 1 lot for $16 nett gain or 1.8% returns.  Will re-invest into it at lower price level or during its dividend payment time.

Received the following dividends in this week for my Cash portfolio :-
$114.00 Far East HTrust

After one week's of investment into CapitaCommercial Trust 1 lot, l have sold it away for $28 nett gain or 2.2% returns.  Will consider taking a small investment into it again when its share price weakens. 

Divested CapitaRetail Trust 1 lot for $18 nett gain or 1.3% returns.  Even though it is a small realized gain but l am happy with it as it's a short investment duration of one week.  As with any divestments, it will make available more funds for next investment opportunity.

Added Cache Logistics 6 lots under Cash portfolio in this week.  It is now my 3rd largest holding at 12% of total Cash portfolio and my total holding in it now at 8 lots.  In just one week of investment into the additional 6 lots, l got poorer by 1.4% (over my investment costs in it) or -$96.  If l am stuck with this investment (of 8 lots total holding) then l can expect getting 7.2% dividend yield per year.  

Increase my position in Asian Pay TV 1 lot in this week so l have total holding of 5 lots now.  It is now at its lowest share price level since IPO (on 29 May'13).  l will continue to accumulate at lower share price levels.  At the moment, l can expect 10.4% dividend yield for my 5 lots holding in it.

Reduced Ascott Reit 1 lot in this week.  So my total holding in it now back to 1 lot.  For this divestment (under one week of investment duration) l have achieved $34 nett gain or 2.8% returns.  At Friday's close, its share price is only $0.03 away from its 52 weeks low.  Will try to re-enter into it, soon.

Portfolio walk since previous posting :-

+$709 Total Returns as of 6 Sept

+$160 Gain on sales of CapitaCommercial, Ascott Reit, Rickmers, CapitaRChina, OUE HTrust

+$114 Dividends collected from Far East HTrust

+$767 Unrealised positions improved

+$1,750 Total Returns as of 13 Sept

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