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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Cash - Closing Status 6 September

Received the following dividends in this week for my Cash portfolio :-
$18.00 Mapletree Logistics
$100.00 Sembcorp Marine
$112.50 SingPost

Reduced Far East Hospitality Trust 1 lot so l have total holding of 6 lots now; for a $16 nett gain. Based on previous week's investment costs in it so it's a 1.8% returns.  For the remaining 6 lots holding l can expect 5.9% dividend yield per year, as "forced" passive income stream with the chance of collecting its dividends in advance now much reduced due to current uncertain economic growth globally and Middle East conflict.

Invested into CapitaRetail Trust 1 lot in this week under Cash portolfio.  Its share price is very near to its 52 weeks low which was last established 25 June.  And during that time its share price recovered to end July by 8.5%.  Will its share price making the same recovery in the next one month; no can tell for sure.  Based on my investment costs in it l can expect 7.0% dividend yield per year.

Invested into CapitaCommercial Trust 1 lot in this week under Cash portfolio which is an all-Singapore based investment properties.  Ongoing asset enhancements for its properties (Capital Tower, Six Battery Road, Raffles City Tower) will see increases in future DPU, usually.  Based on my investment costs in it l can expect 6.0% dividend yield per year.

Divested Perennial China Retail Trust 2 lots for a $25 nett gain. Based on previous week's investment costs in it so it's a 2.4% returns.  This is a much higher returns when comparing to bank savings rate for an investment amount of $1k over one week duration. Will re-invest into it when its share price weakens further.

Bid goodbye to Sin Ghee Huat 3 lots in this week under my cash portfolio for a $61 nett gain.  It goes XD on 29 Oct and payment date 14 Nov so l have already collected its dividends ahead by two months.  Expected dividend amount is $54 = 3 lots x dividend rate $0.018 so the $61 nett gain is much higher.

Portfolio walk since previous posting :-

+$54 Total Returns as of 30 Aug

+$101 Gain on sales of Sin Ghee Huat, Perennial CRT, Far East HTrust

+$231 Dividends collected from Mapletree Logistics, Sembcorp Marine, SingPost

+$324 Unrealised positions improved

+$709 Total Returns as of 6 Sept

Previous posting :-Cash - Closing Status 30 Aug


  1. Ah! I see you not above taking some trading profits to spice things up a little ;)

    That may "cost" you that you won't be recognised as a long term investor. LOL!

    I've never quite understood why a 5% yield has more "respectability" than a 5% trading profit?

    1. Target to achieve cimb savings rate 0.8% (or higher) on divestment profit. Also see whether can match or come close to its next dividend amount on divestment profit. l will go for whichever is easier to achieve. Every day place sell order to achieve one of the exit selling price set.

  2. Thats a lot to track from.

    But i rather have realized gains than unrealised gains ;)

    1. Not difficult to track once you are used to it. I have seen even longer listing by other bloggers.

  3. Very diversified indeed. Personally i keep to the rule of 8. Shifting money around selective sectors that will perform better than others.

    btw, How is this Mun Siong doing?
    I read on their website they provide integrated solutions for process industry.

  4. Mun Siong .... sigh. Not sure what to say of this company. Invested a small amount of $1.4k into it back in Feb'12. It's a family controlled biz (more than 65% shareholding) so l am sure they will try to turn this business around. It has set up new company in Malaysia so l reckon that they are in the right direction. Year 2012 was a bad year - profit was much lower and cash flow was bad. Year 2013 so far, "life" is good so far (1H2013) - doing well on profit and cash flow.



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