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Saturday, 7 September 2013

SRS - Closing status 6 September

Earlier part of the week l have divested Ascendas Reit 2 lots at $81 nett gain; under one week of investment into it.  Projected next dividend amount at $71 = 2 lots x dividend rate (assumed same as last year) $0.0353 so the $81 nett gain came in slightly higher.  With this divestment l do not have to wait till its next XD date in Oct'13 and l have already collected its dividends in advance by around three months as payment expected to happen in Nov'13.  And l can already re-cycle the proceed for my next investment.    

Later part of the week l have re-invested into Ascendas Reit 2 lots.  Its new property building in Fusionopolis already achieved a pre-commitment for 58.3% of the lettable space. Another 16.2% of the lettable space is under advanced negotiation.  So can it can expect more revenue in the near future.  If l am stuck with this investment then based on my investment costs in it then l can expect a 6.3% dividend yield per year from it.  As usual, l am eyeing an exit selling price equal to its next dividend payment in Nov'13.

Received bank statement in this week for my SRS portfolio and there were records of dividends in it for August month :-

$216.40 CDL Hospitality Trusts
$108.00 Mapletree Logistics
$100.00 Sembcorp Marine
$62.50 SingPost
$50.00 Tat Hong

Divested away Cache Logistics 3 lots in this week under SRS portfolio at $47 nett gain.  Assuming that dividend rate same as last year, l have actually managed to collect 73% of it ---> 3 lots x dividend rate $0.02144 x 73% = $47.  Anyway l am still happy with the $47 nett gain as it is a 1.4% returns of my investment costs in it for a duration of two weeks which is better than bank savings rate . Hoping to re-invest into it soon.

Portfolio walk since previous posting :-

+$4,624 Total Returns as of 30 Aug

+$537 Dividends from Sembcorp Marine, SingPost, Tat Hong, CDL HTrust, Mapletree Logistics

+$128 Gain on sales of Cache Logistics, Ascendas Reit

+$651 Unrealised positions improved

+$5,939 Total Returns as of 6 Sept

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