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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Cash - Closing Status 30 August

Divested away AIMS AMP Industrial Reit 1 lot in this week under Cash portfolio for a $28 nett gain after 1 week of investment into it.  Assuming that its next dividend rate same as last year at $0.025 and payment date around 20 Dec so the $28 nett gain was slightly higher than the expected dividend amount  ---> 1 lot x dividend rate $0.025 x 1.11 times.  And l have already collected the dividends in advance by almost four months and also l can re-use the proceeds for other investment opportunity.

Added Ascott Reit 1 lot in this week.  So my total holding in it now at 2 lots.   Based on my investment costs in it l can expect a 6.9% dividend yield if l am really stuck with my investment in it.

Donated $25 to Equal Ark in this week

My investment increased in Far East Hospitality Trust 1 lot so l have total holding of 7 lots now.  Based on my investment cost in it l can expect 6.0% (based on run rate) of annual dividend from it.  This Trust is all-Singapore based hotels and serviced residences so it will be interesting to see how well it can withstand the ongoing adverse micro and macro events locally and globally.

Re-invested into First Reit 1 lot in this week under Cash portfolio after having divested it away in the previous week with nett gain higher than the forecasted dividend payment in Nov'13.  I did the same for this week.  I have divested my 1 lot holding in the same week for $25 nett gain versus expected dividend payment in Nov'13 of $17 (1 lot x dividend rate $0.0168).  So l have collected its dividend in advance by three months and at a higher amount too.  It is very important to set an exit selling price and l have attained peace of mind with my stock investment.

Invested into K-Green Trust 1 lot in this week and it comes with an annual dividend yield of 7.7% based on my investment costs in it.  Its current businesses have been locally based so far.  Having gut feeling that it will spread its wings to Asia Pacific and Europe soon.  It will be confirmed once there is new  company incorporation.

Received the following dividends in this week for my Cash portfolio :-
$40.81 Ascott Reit
$42.94 Cache Logistics
$108.20 CDL Hospitality Trusts
$39.40 Keppel Reit
$112.45 Suntec Reit

It must have been hasty move when l have invested into KrisEnergy 2 lots in this week without further verifying on its potential dividend payout;  which l later found out that they do not have intention to pay any dividend.  l was lucky to have been able to divest it away for a $38 nett gain.  I am not into trading or speculation and also not so keen with growth stock so l am depending on reasonably good dividend stock.

Added Mapletree Industrial 1 lot under Cash portfolio for this week so l have total holding of 2 lots of it now.  In its recent 1Q2014 results, it reported higher distributable income which was higher by 9% versus year ago because of higher rental rates secured across all its property segments and achieving higher occupancies.  Based on my investment costs in it l will be getting dividend yield 7.1% per year.

Invested into OUE HTrust 1 lot.  Using dividend rate $0.0477 ( for 9 months financial) from its IPO prospectus and based on my investment costs in it so l can expect annual dividend yield of promising an annual dividend yield of 7.4%.  First dividend payment will happen some time March 2014.  l am eyeing an advance dividend from it, probably using a few round of investments and divestments.

To diversify further, for this week under Cash portfolio l have invested into Perennial China Retail Trust 2 lots.  If l hold it for long term then l can expect 7.5% dividend yield per year based on my investment costs in it.

I am not sure whether it was a risky decision when l have invested into Sabana Reit 1 lot in this week.  At the moment there is no new development yet on the four master leases expiring in Nov'13.  I am hoping that it will not materially affecting my expectation of 8.2% dividend yield per year based on my investment costs in it.     

Allocated a small investment funds into Sin Ghee Huat 2 lots in this week.  My total holding in it now at 3 lots.  It reported poorer results versus year ago recently but l will not be worrying so much of it.  Its business served five segments :- marine and shipbuilding, oil and gas and petrochemicals, building and construction, machining and processing, and trading and others so there will always be opportunities out there for it.  I am eyeing an advance dividends from it as l have already set an exit selling price for it.

Portfolio walk since previous posting :-

+$206 Total Returns as of 23 Aug

+$90 Gain on sales of First Reit, KrisEnergy, AIMS AMP

+$344 Dividends collected from Ascott Reit, Cache Logistics, CDL HTrust, Keppel Reit. Suntec Reit

-$25 Donation to Equal Ark

-$561 Unrealised positions worsened

+$54 Total Returns as of 30 Aug

Previous posting :-Cash - Closing Status 23 Aug

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