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Monday, 16 September 2013

Perhaps l really need broker assistance with orders

I have Keppel Reit 3 lots in my Cash portfolio.  l have queued to sell 1 lot with my exit selling price for a nett gain better than bank savings rate.  But right now (11.30pm) as l reviewed the sell orders filled today l got a rude shock as there was a duplicate sell order, filled as well which was a mistake.  The one l have sold by error today has a higher investment cost to it so l have ended up poorer by $153 on sell order mistake on Keppel Reit.

List of silly mistakes :-

Mar'12 - Advanced Holdings

Oct'12 - 2nd Chance

Jan'13 - SingPost

Sep'13 - Keppel Reit

Silly mistakes happened twice in 2012. 
Now in 2013, silly mistakes happened twice.... so far. 
Oh please, no more!!!


  1. Your personal mistake or broker's platform error?

    1. It's personal mistake. Must double or triple review on my orders next time.

  2. Money Honey,

    Yes, I've this fear of my own fat finger trade too.

    Check and review BEFORE pressing the submit button. Last thing I want is to have added another zero on my orders!

    1. "...added another zero on orders..." <--- you have totally spooked me out!

    2. One way to protect against extra zero is to set lower buy and sell limit. :-)

  3. Hi MH

    Just wondering that with your this strategy, you are just aiming to hit early gains if possible within the next dividends payout. Otherwise, you will hold on to the stock collecting the dividends. In other words, you break up common small gains at a frequent pace. What is the most % capital gain have you recorded in one transaction in that case?

    1. Unfortunately l do not keep tab of the % capital gain for each transaction. Anyway, probably not much. My focus is to collect the dividends in advance (before XD). If its price weakens then no other choice but to keep for passive income. Meanwhile, l Must Avoid messing up with my orders.



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