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Monday, 4 November 2013

Xin Yuan Community Care

Donated $35 to Xin Yuan Community Care

About Xin Yuan Community Care
Xin Yuan Community Care, established in 2005 and registered with the National Council of Social Service, is a non-profit organisation committed to care, support, counsel, and provide basic healthcare, education, social and financial welfare to needy children, the youth and the elderly. We are also dedicated to the training of caregivers who form the pillar of strength to those in need.

Our Vision
To be the choice family care provider in the community we serve
Our Mission

We are committed to:

- Enhance intellectual, physical and emotional well-being of needy children, youths and the elderly.

- Enable the elderly to live with dignity and independence.

- Empower distressed women such as single mothers to gain confidence by helping them acquire new skill-sets and live more independently.

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