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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Cornerstone Community Services

Donated $155 to Cornerstone Community Services using dividends collected in my Permanent Stocks Holdings

About Us
Cornerstone Community Services was started with the purpose of bringing hope and change to the lives of people around us. Through our care for the community, we empower our beneficiaries and volunteers to live their lives to the fullest – one programme at a time.

Who we serve
We work with youths, families and seniors, as well as the underprivileged in local and overseas communities. We are committed to their wellbeing regardless of their age, gender, race, nationality, religion or moral character.

What we do
Family is the bedrock of society. We believe in empowering families to become strong pillars in society through providing financial, social and emotional support and equipping each member, from the young to the old, with effective life skills and knowledge. For this reason our work centers on:
    Training & Equipping
    Financial support

Our Mission: Serving Community, Changing Lives

Our Objectives:
To initiate, assist and provide activities and schemes of social services for the alleviation of poverty, suffering, ignorance or ill-health whether physical or mental, without limitation of age, sex, race, nationality, religion or moral character, by the provision of assistance, education, training services or counselling.
To empower the weak and needy through equipping and counselling that they may be empowered to live life to the fullest.

Our Work
Family is the bedrock of society. We believe in empowering families to become strong pillars in society through providing financial, social and emotional support and equipping each member, from the young to the old, with effective life skills and knowledge. For this reason our work centers on:

Training and Equipping
Our training & equipping programme covers topics that are applicable to youths and families. We also have parent-child bonding workshops to strength ties within the family. Our sexuality and family life education programmes are endorsed by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Social and Family Development respectively.

Financial Support
Singapore has been reported to have the largest numbers of millionaires. However, we do have a significant number of Singaporeans that are struggling to make ends meet. To help them cope with the rising costs of living and to ensure that the younger generation are not disadvantaged due to their family financial situation, we have provided financial assistance schemes to help these students and those in need.  To ensure that students have an equal opportunity in life to excel, we have a financial assistance scheme to provide support for student for low income families. We provide monthly allowance and bursaries for students from selected primary, secondary and JC/Pre-U/ITE schools.  Low income families can benefit from our Thrift Barn Credit Programme where they will get free monthly food rations and quarterly shopping credits at our thrift shop.  We also provide short term financial assistance to individuals and families in crisis.

No man is an island. At different stages of our lives we all need people around us to guide and support us. During the teenage years, students experience many changes and pressures within and around them. They often need good mentors to guide them as they develop and mature into adulthood. We have befriending programmes reaching out to students from lower income families and juvenile delinquents.  Growing old can be lonely when all your family and friends are no longer around. We have a team of passionate volunteers that reach out and befriend the elderly from the selected HDB estates and nursing home.

Our counseling services arm aims to help individuals and families to work through issues; including financial, behavioural and interpersonal difficulties and marital/family conflicts.

Our Programmes : For Youths
The youths of this generation have immense potential and our Youth Outreach Service takes great pleasure in being a part of the nurturing process, nurturing the youths to reach their potential and become socially responsible adults. CCS aims to:

    Develop leadership qualities
    Address at-risk youth behaviours
    Provide experience through service to the community

CCS has three programmes catered to the needs of the youths:

Student Development Programme
The Student Development Programme aims to facilitate healthy development in youths. Through character development talks and workshops, the programme educates youths to respond well and equips them with skills to deal with contemporary issues they face.

Designed for upper primary and lower secondary school students, they are carried out in a fun, adventurous and engaging way. Dramas, games and experiential learning methods are used to bring across fundamental values and principles. Programmes may be customised according to duration, content or age groups based on the school’s needs.

We have been approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to conduct Sexuality Education Programme in schools.

Student Support Programme
The Student Support Programme aims to provide support for youths-at-risk and students from disadvantaged/lower income families. Through our structured activities and experienced mentors, we seek to develop them to become strong and resilient adults.

Programmes for Youths-at-risk:

1.STARFISH Programme: Integrated programme for at-risk students through working with the students, parents and teachers.
2.Family Values & Lifeskills Programme:In today’s society, we understand that one of the pressing issues present is about growing and keeping strong and healthy family units at all levels of social status. Positive thinking and life-long values contribute largely to a gracious society that depicts a people of maturity and virtues. Children and youth are gems of a developed and growing nation. This programme seeks to provide a learning platform for each child to draw a connection between family and self. Each session will be a doorway of opportunities for sharing and discussion; promoting a listening and conducive environment that guides each one to identify and solve problems effectively.
3.Buddy Care Programme: A partnership with Family & Juvenile Courts where volunteers are matched to befriend and mentor youths under Beyond Parental Control (PBC) order.

Programmes for Students from disadvantaged/low income families:
1.Academic Development Programme: Regular subsidised tuition for Primary and Secondary students.
2.Academic Mentoring Programme: Regular structured group work sessions to provide mentorship support in bridging the student’s English language ability as they transit into secondary school.
3.Mentoring Programme: Volunteers are matched to students from lower income families to befriend and mentor them.

Student Financial Assistance Scheme
School Allowance: Applicable for selected Primary and Secondary students.
School Merit Bursary Award: Applicable for selected Primary and Secondary students only.
The application form will be sent to selected schools by term 3 of the school year.

Our Programmes : For Families
We aim to promote richer family life and strengthen the family unit in the community through our programmes. Having a little knowledge applied at the right time in the right way makes all the difference in handling life and relationships. Our family life education programme covers talks and workshops that will equip and build strong families.renting and hear from other parents their experience.

Personal Wellbeing
With the rising cost of living and demands of the working world, many people are feeling the strain and starting to burn out. Have a time out and join us for our talks that will equip you with essential life skills that will help make your life journey more enjoyable.

Many peoples spend tons of money planning their wedding but neglected to spend time preparing for marriage. Marriage is more than coming together as one. It is a commitment to work things out together. Take time to learn more about how you can build you marriage and keep the passion burning.

It takes a village to raise a child. Parenting is not easy as every child is different. Join us for a time to learn more about parenting and hear from other parents their experience. Take some time off with your child and learn more on how to strengthen the parent child relationship through our fun and exciting workshops.

Our Programmes : For Senior Citizens
With the nation’s aging population, we recognise that there are needs amongst our senior citizens. We aim to help our senior citizens age gracefully through our programmes and activities. We also seek to provide an avenue to cultivate a love and appreciation of senior citizens.

Befriending Outreaches
Regular visits are organised by a team of passionate volunteers to befriend and provide a listening ear to the senior citizens from Old Airport Rd and Love and Care Home. We also do adhoc visits to the patients form selected Dialysis Centers.

Silver Activities
Regular activities ranging from exercises, outings to informative talks are organised for our senior citizens to keep them active and meet their social and emotional needs.

Saturday Morning Wellness Programme
A weekly active ageing exercise programme with our professional trainers from PROAGE Pte Ltd who will teach each participant the techniques to improve their health and wellness through exercise. There will be educational lessons to enhance participants’ knowledge in active ageing and home exercises. Participants will also receive informative educational materials (e.g. exercise techniques, safety, nutritional handouts).

Quarterly outings are organised to bring senior citizens to the places of interest in the comfort of charted transport and company of friends. Outings locations ranging from visit to Gardens by the Bay to shopping at the Woodlands food factories.

Enrichment Talks
A series of talks are organised to help educate seniors and their family on important issues that are arise with them entering their golden years.

Contact Us

Office Address: 40 Ean Kiam Place
Singapore 429125

Mailing Address: 11 East Coast Rd
#01-08 The Odeon Katong


Office Hours:
Tue-Fri: 10am-6pm
Sat: 9am-12noon
(closed on Sundays and Mondays)

Tel: 6344 7321
Fax: 6344 3877

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