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Monday, 27 April 2015

Wood Job!

When l read Astonishing Must Share Drawing - How You Live Your DREAM? in Invest Openly blog then l remembered of a nice Japan movie : Wood Job!

Story of a graduate cum slacker pursuing a forestry course because a beautiful girl was featured on its flyer. Mid way through he chickened out but it is the forest and its giant trees (and the friendly village-town people) eventually got him think seriously of his life goal.

Okay, climb tall tree then be sure to watch your grip; otherwise once fall then recovery will be tough.

But then when you procrastinate all the times whether to climb the tall tree or not then it's difficult to achieve anything eventually. If failed then at least you know you have at least given it a try.

Which again, reminds me on a comment made in Googirl Investor's blog "We have to be in it to win it.  Only by being vested can we actually test our abilities, if not the rest is just mere talk".


  1. I agree as I've given it my best, even if I fail, I've no regrets :)

  2. There are many prefer to strike it rich without lifting a finger. It is not impossible; inheritance!

    Life is more meaningful when there are some efforts committed into it and not fearing failure all times.



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