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Thursday, 30 April 2015

An incomplete life

Four months ago l have watched a drama about incomplete life.  


At certain stage of our life we will think that we have achieved certain life goal and we are jubilant of it.  Our life is not all about us, in absolute isolation.  Many are affected by our decisions and actions or in-actions.  Our life is dependent on others decisions and actions and in-actions.

Just as SMOL said, "Our circle is not complete, yet we tend to speak and act as if it' a full circle!?".

Some published articles mentioning Misaeng :-



  1. I watched this drama too. I liked the part where they say that their team leader reminds them of an antique watch, a person filled with morals which is lacking in today's society.

    1. Yes, there are so many interesting facts of life from this drama.

      Also, as you have said "so who says that K drama is all fluff and no use. There are some really good quotes in there I tell you!".

      l cannot remember all the good quotes but l certainly like drama with good story line like Misaeng - leadership, slackers, discrimination against women, work stress, importance of cross functional team work, not over complicating research and analysis, becareful who you choose as your work partner (also true, in life partner), etc.

    2. Money Honey,

      I am both glad and humbled by your linking an incomplete life with what I try to say.

      I guess I am not alone with the struggle of who I can be versus what I am today...

      Thank you.

    3. SMOL,

      You had written an important life fact which many overlooked and not understanding it.

      We live our everyday life with many seemingly so-called good but really are lame excuses. Life is perfect and there can never be any flaws once one achieving financial freedom?

      We should ask again (to ourself) - have l really successfully drawn a circle; completed?

  2. Hi Money Honey.

    Our life will always be incomplete as whatever choices we made, there are trade offs.

    The bigger hole will be regrets. If we did all we wanted, and live with whatever mistakes on hindsight happily, we will be less "incomplete"

    Just my 2 cents worth.

    For FF, if their dreams is FF, and feel their self - worth and happiness hinge on it, they life is complete when they achieve it with pride and happiness but no regrets.

    If someone lived from
    End to end but has no regrets, who are we to say he is irresponsible?

    The worst thing is wanting the cake and eat it.

    1. Acknowledging the fact that our life will always be incomplete is important step to fix any flaws.

      It is just like, it will be difficult to save all the world hunger plights but let's start fixing ourself by not wasting food is an important initial step in getting to the circle perfection.

      Same goes for work-life balance; one must have a strong conviction to make it happen. Otherwise our life continues to be incomplete.

    2. Hi Money Honey,

      The determinant of complete or incomplete lives comes from the people who set it in the first place.

      In today's society, we learn the skills to survive in life such as earning ability, but how many of us actually learn how to live a life.


    3. Yes, agree; it is up to individual personal choice whether they want a full and perfect circle or not.

      Do we want to live an unhappy incomplete life?

      Probably it is better to acknowledge our incomplete life, and live a happy life.



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