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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Cash - Closing Status 20 September

Increase my position in Asian Pay TV 2 lots in this week under Cash portfolio so l have total holding of 7 lots now. It is now my 4th largest holding under Cash portfolio at 9%.  If l am stuck with this investment then l can still expect 10.9% dividend yield per year.

Divested Cache Logistics 6 lots in this week after one week of investment into it for $144 nett gain.  My remaining holding in it now at 2 lots and if l am still stuck with it then l can expect 6.7% dividend yield per year.  Assuming that its next XD date and dividend rate same as last year in Oct'13 so l can expect dividend amount of $129 if l did not divest it away ---> 6 lots x dividend rate $0.02144 = $129.  The $144 nett gain is higher than the expected dividend amount of $129 and l have already collected it in advance.  Also, other than locked-in the $144 profit, the investment capital are now released back to my war chest.

Reduced  CDL Hospitality Trusts 1 lot in this week so l have remaining 2 lots of which l can expect 6.4% dividend yield per year if l continue to stuck with it.    It is paying dividends two times per year and next dividend payment date is in Feb'14.  The $22 nett gain from this divestment is about 1.4% returns over the investment costs in it and it is better than bank savings rate.  Also, it is better to lock-in some profits and re-cycle the investment capital rather than waiting for its next dividend payment happening five months later.

In this week l have utilized $25 from Cash portfolio for donation to SPCA Buy A Brick project.  l am hoping that l can continue to donate to charity of my choice and l should not let my current total paper losses deter me from doing so.

I have met with a misfortune this week when l have entered incorrect sales order quantity on Keppel Reit 2 lots which resulted in a $153 realized loss for my Cash portfolio.  This is the price that l have to pay for my carelessness.

Invested into Croesus Retail Trust 5 lots in this week under Cash portfolio.  Around 1% of leases are subjected for renewals in years 2013/2014; and 26% of leases are for renewals in year 2015.  Unless l am stuck with my investment so l do not really worry of year 2015. But then l did not expect its share price becomes quite active suddenly so l divested it all away in the same week for $53 nett gain.  Its share price gone up higher and l think it is because of speculative rotational play.  l will re-invest into it when its share price weakens again.

Did a partial divestment of Mapletree Industrial 1 lot under Cash portfolio for this week so l have remaining total holding of 1 lot of it now.  Achieved $28 nett gain and this is higher than expected dividend amount of $23 = 1 lot x dividend rate (assumed same as last year) $0.0229.  Also l have already collected it in advance instead of waiting for it to XD end Oct'13 and dividend payment date end Nov'13.  In its previous 1Q2014 results, higher rental rates was secured across all its property segments and achieving higher occupancies.  Will re-invest into it when its share price weakens.

Reduced SingPost 1 lot in this week and l am left with remaining 9 lots of it.  The $13 nett gain is same as expected dividend amount of $13 = 1 lot x dividend rate $0.0125.  I have already collected its dividend amount in advance instead of holding it till its XD date and payment date in Nov'13.

Added Sabana Reit 2 lots in this week under Cash portfolio so l have total holding of 5 lots.  But l have decided to reduce it by 4 lots in this week for $73 nett gain before its XD date.  Reason for doing so was because l prefer to lock-in the profit rather then be subjected to uncertainty of its pending lease renewals.

Portfolio walk since previous posting :-

+$1,750 Total Returns as of 13 Sept

-$153 Loss on sales of Keppel Reit

+$333 Gain on sales of Cache Logistics, CDL HTrust, SingPost, Sabana Reit, Croesus Trust, Mapletree Industrial

-$25 Donation to SPCA Buy A Brick 

+$2,696 Unrealised positions improved

+$4,601 Total Returns as of 20 Sept

Previous posting :-Cash - Closing Status 13 Sep

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