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Sunday, 1 December 2013

The Twin Terrors -Past & Present

At the moment, my CPF portfolio has not performed as well as both my Cash portfolio and SRS portfolio.  Reasons being that l have suffered twin terrors effect in my investment using CPF funds.

l was way too careless to be involved in speculative investment back then when l have invested into Wilmar and Olam.  l did not even know back then that both Wilmar and Olam are speculative stocks. And by the time l knew of their speculative traits my CPF portfolio already suffered combined paper losses of $8.2k on Wilmar and Olam.  It was a hard decision made but l needed a reboot at some point of time so these were sold off and hence l have suffered huge realized losses on them.  Buy and holding these twin terrors is not good thing so it's better to divest them away.

Spiltting headache over Olam and Wilmar

Au revoir Wilmar

CPF - Closing Status 28 Dec

CPF - Closing Status 15 Mar

In the present moment l have another new twin terrors in my CPF portfolio - Capitaland and SembMar.   Both are good blue chips companies.  l am keeping both for now as these are not speculative stocks and both still have good growth story on them.


  1. Why you classify Capitaland as "terror"?


    1. Under my CPF portfolio and on Capitaland, it represents 27% of the portfolio and the current paper loss of $4k is 59% of total unrealized losses. l will not cut loss on Capitaland as it is a good stock to own. l will not average down on Capitaland as it is already the biggest pie allocation under my CPF portfolio. It has many overseas projects which l am certain will uplift its "hibernation" status at the moment. With such a huge paper loss l am in a way really held ransom or terrorized by it currently.



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